13th March is celebrated world over as the World Rotaract Day as on this day the first Rotaract Club received its official charter.

First Rotaract Club in the world:
Rotaract Club of the University of North Charlotte, North California, USA.

  • Charter Date: 13th March, 1968
  • Sponsoring Rotary Club: Rotary Club of North Charlotte

Motive of Rotary behind introducing Rotaract Programme :
The decision to adopt the Rotaract programme came at a time when student protests worldwide were of growing concern to Rotarians. The Rotaract programme was adopted not only as a means of keeping former interactors within the Rotary family, but as a means of channelizing energies of young adults into positive activities that could benefit their communities.

Steps Taken to introduce the Rotaract programme :
A special committee was convened to design the new service club programme for young adults during 1966. After polling students at the University of Houstan, Texas, USA, the committee decided that “Rotaract” would be the best name for the programme – a combination of the word “Rotary” and “action.”

The committee decided that young man and woman should constitute Rotaract.

The First Six Chartered Clubs in India: 
1. Rotaract Club of Secunderabad: 2nd April 1968.
2. Rotaract Club of Tanjore: 16th May 1968.
3. Rotaract Club of Patna: 20th May 1968.
4. Rotaract Club of Bijnor: 3rd June 1968.
5. Rotaract Club of Ambernath: 6th August 1968.
6. Rotaract Club of Hyderabad: 3rd September